Types of columns necessary in sheets for audio and video files


I see that we have the option to add audio and video components, however, I am not clear about the type of column that should be created in my sheets for that type of data. I only see an option for images. Can anyone offer insights?

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Hi @GeneDrea ,

You need a column that includes the links of them. There is a Link column that you can add!

The Docs :

Video Component :

Audio Component :

Quick tip for upload files by Robert : Audio format for Iphones - #7 by Robert_Petitto

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Right! But There are also audio/video components that we can add to a form. Where do those files go?

I was creating a page where I would like to have certain users upload short (less than 3 min) videos or audios. I was playing around with some of the components and I uploaded a video (mp4)… somehow (I don’t recall adding the audio component) it is playing as an audio. I was surprised about that, but I wondered about what would happen if I was trying to use it in a form. I uploaded the video into the File Picker component. It showed it being uploaded, then I added an audio and video component and the video showed up… but I don’t know where… It seems to have gone nowhere… But the other data showed up.

Is that File Picker component only for displaying information for users and not for them to upload?

I forgot to add the screenshots.

It does not matter. A text column is sufficient. Files are not stored in the table. They are stored on a separate file storage server. Only the url for that file is placed in the table as text.

The image column type is only so you can see the image when viewing the table. It’s still just the url underneath to the actual location of the file on the storage server. If you change the column type from image to text, you will see the url instead of an image.

There isn’t really a good way to represent audio or videos in a table. However, it makes sense to see images in table. That’s why there is specifically an image column type and not one for audio or video. Overall, it’s just cosmetic. Only the url is ever stored in the table. That’s why it still works when upload an audio or video file and view it using an audio or video component. Those components use the url stored in the table to render on the screen in the respective audio or video component.

I rarely use the image column type unless I have a desire to see the actual image when viewing the table in the data editor instead of the url. I prefer to see the url because I have some images saved in google drive and some in glide storage, so it’s easier for me to see the url to know where the image is stored.


Thank you so much! I learned a lot here.:pray:t5:

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