Glide Pages: Is it possible to upload audio (or will it be possible)?

Is there any way to upload and play audio on Glide Pages?


Hello, @Garik Igor
There is an audio component in the app. However, it does not seem to be prepared in Page.
Therefore, in order to upload / play an audio file on Page, the following procedure is required.

β˜… Use the File Picker component on the Page to upload the audio file.
β˜… Set the upload destination to the URL type for the column type of the glide table.
β˜… Add a Rich Text component and copy the following code into the Custom field.

<audio controls src = "URL of uploaded audio file"> </ audio>


Thank you! I will try to do this.

It works. Is there way to place URL value from table not by hand?

Yes. Place this code in a template column.


Thanks a lot! Now it’s functional :slight_smile:

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