Image or Vedio Content

How can I add video or Image to the main page and to all pages or screens. Help is appreciated

Just use an image or video component. For images, you can drag and drop the image into a component and it will upload and be hosted by glide. Or you can get a shareable link to an image or video, place the link in your sheet, then point the image or video component to the column that contains that link.

Thanks for quick reply. I tried this, but for some reason it is picking image from sheet 1. If I change the image by drag and drop then image in sheet 1 changes too which i dont want. Thanks and appreciate your help

I have 4 sheets. Where shall I save image or video. I tried watching your video. I am confused where to save. It is picking image from sheet one and from first row.

You should have an image column on each sheet. Whichever row you are viewing on each tab is the record that needs to contain the image link. If you only have your links in one sheet, you can add a single value column to each sheet in the data tab to get the url from the sheet that has the link. Then your components can use the new column value.

I have image column on sheets. I want to insert a image on main screen or page. If you come online i can show you what i am trying to do through sharing my screen.

I’m busy tonight. Just try putting some random image links into all of your sheets, make sure you have an image component in each tab, then you should see the image.

I tried. I have 3 Sheet with all the info with images. Rest 2 sheets are about us. Please let me know when you have some time. I come on line at that time to show you what I am trying to do. Thanks in advance

Screenshots, link to app, sheet would help.

and want to insert icon besides Zariya Connect.


wants to change this image once a month or so.

Hi Jeff,

Any updates please or do you have time to connect.


I watched your video in your other thread. What sheet is the Zariya Connect connected to? I think you have it connected to your Female Profiles sheet. You are viewing the first record of the Female Profiles. This should really be a separate sheet. The new sheet would really only need an image column. You can still place the buttons on Zariya Connect tab, but the image would be linked to the new sheet.

As for the icon next to the title, I don’t think that’s possible. You can add it as an image component on the Zariya Connect tab.