How to use "SWITCH" to change data per user

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching for s solution here but can’t find it anywhere and I’m just giving up trying different formulas haha. Here is my problem:

I’m building a Netflix like app with curated videos for entrepreneurs. It’s just like youtube but without all the distractions, I called it LearnDrops (

Each video has a SWITCH component that is supposed to add it to a “Saved” list. Everything works fine for one user, but I want each user to see only their saved videos. I can’t create a video page for each user to use the “FIlter pre user” because it’s not “row efficient” and I would reach the 500 rows limit in a blink.

I know that I can use the FAVORITES component for that, but if I use it will be impossible to achieve the UI that I want. As you can see on the app, every time a user saves a video, a “Saved for later” horizontal tile list appears at the first tab and the video is also available at the “saved” tab.

Hope I made myself clear =)!
I made the app public so it will be easier for you to check it, hope anyone can help me.


The only solution I can think of is to use the form button and have the user submit a form to save the video to a response sheet along with their email. Then you can use per user data on the save tab to view their personal saves.


Thanks for your suggestion, I have thought about the same approach but is not the experience that I want, if this is the only option I will stick to “Favorite”, but would be great if we have a way to access and manipulate this data in the future.

I just noticed that I left some components with “filter per user” turned on, so the layout wasn’t showing correctly, just fixed.

Yeah, that’s the best option for now. Hopefully in the future we could perform form submits using a button without going to a form submit screen. This could probably work for switch and checkbox, but may have different logistics behind it. Would be nice if a form button would auto submit if there are no editable components on the form screen.

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Hey just wanted to say - your app is great, well thought out and great content.

One question, how do you do the boxes at the top left example below, any tips how to recreate are welcome. Keep up the good work!


Was thinking the same thing! The date is on the same line but at the right margin. Must be html

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Need to know as will be so helpful to my app/clients


Yep, this line is just a rich text component using plain html (I know that I can rely on html in rich text components, but I think that is the best solution now and it works). The real “hack” here is the usage of for badges that I can edit dynamically using only the url. You can check the same approach here:

Let me know if you need any help!


I think I’m running into the same issue.
I have an app where a host can offer to share a room. I want them to be able to add a record for their property, but only see and edit their own. When I use the DETAILS feature, it seems that the ADD capability goes away.

Were you suggesting using a GOOGLE FORM to have people make entries into the Google Sheet, and then use GLIDE to access and display it? Thanks.


Is this stackmaker app yours? I sure do like it… a real “rabbit hole” HA

Anyway, how is this done? With the click on the word STACK and ask for login at the top?

I think you can just use Glide Forms for that. Add a button with tha action “Form”, edit the inputs you want and you are good to go! =)

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Hahah thanks! Yes, the app is mine, to achieve the same result you need to add a “Favorite” component to your app than these 2 tabs will be automatically generated. The default name for this tab is “Favorites”, but you can change in the component settings. Don’t forget to use a unique id for the Favorites, to make sure that all the data will be handled correctly. Hope it helps, let me know if you need anything more!


@ionamol is correct. The form function is built into glide. As an alternative, there is a Form Button component, but I think it works the same as setting the form action to a regular button.

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thanks @ionamol - great explanation - this program has soooo many little things like that I just cannot keep up! I click on just about everybody else’s examples so I can see what other tricks they are doing!

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I also have similar requirement. My post is here: Making direct entry e.g. like action

Would you be willing to share the StackMaker app? I really like the design and would be curious to see how this is setup? thanks:)

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Hi @ionamol,
have you found a solution for your problem? At the moment I have the same issue and I don’t know how to solve it. Could you help me please?
Thanks also to @Jeff_Hager for his solution, but I still have a doubt: the user would insert his email and the link of the video (theese info will be in a new sheet)?

I’m thinking you would save the users email and some sort of value to a new Save sheet. The value would be some unique item from the video’s details that you can use to create a relation column to link back to the details page of the video you saved.

This is my problem:

I have a cocktails list: inside the page of every one, I would like that every user could add it to his list of cocktails already tried, but also to the global list (in order to populate two statistics, how many and what cocktails have been tried by the single user, but also how many and what cocktails by every users, in order to understand what cocktails are mostly tried).

Just to be clear, the form button will obtain the video ID and the user email automatically. They don’t have to type anything in, unless you would want some additional details, like notes. Having the data in a new sheet, you can do whatever you want as far as statistics on the data.

There is a new feature hopefully coming soon that will allow per user columns in the data tab. This may make the process easier as you could avoid the form button all together. Not sure when it’s coming or how exactly it works.

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