Making direct entry e.g. like action

I have two sheets Movies and User-likes. I want like or dislike or neutral (thumbs up and down) Buttons on Movie details screen. Clicking it will make an entry in User likes sheet having email, unique Id, review (like or dislike or neutral). When pressing like buttons, I don’t want user to go to any other screen. Just a message that review has been stored. Please help.


  • you want 2 states, either like or not, then you could use a checkbox
  • you want more than 2 states, like, neutral or dislike, or even 1 to 5 star review, then you could use a choice component

I realize this is a feature request, but I just want to confirm, you can’t submit values to a different sheet without going to another screen. You could use a checkbox or choice component on the movies tab, but you would only be able to update columns on the movie details…and it would be global to every user, so you would not have individual user-like results.

@Jeff_Hager, that’s exactly what I described. Yes. It is a feature request. As an end-user, it is easier and intuitive to like / rate a movie on the movie detail screen rather than clicking a button and going one more step deep.

Overall, by introducing such features, glide will be able to incorporate more real-life use cases. I understand glide is just starting up but it feels more like a data-entry platform. It is amazing at what it does and how quickly it does it without code. I hope my point is understood.

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Hello. Can anyone validate whether this can be done?

Hi there @mthakershi, this is definitely something that has been on our wish list for a while.
You can’t do this in the way that you describe at the moment.