Video visibility not signed in user does not work

The video is shown when I dont use visibility or if I am logged in user. But its not shown when I only want it to show it to not signed in users using the visibility setting as needed.

Cheers Nico

What do your visibility settings look like?


Could you share your app, please?

Your visibility settings are looking at the email column value from the row you are viewing and comparing it to the email of the user that is signed into the app. You have it set to only show the video if it’s not you. Assuming that the email column has your email address in it…from what it looks like, the video should not be showing when you are logged in yourself. If the email column is empty, then the video should be showing because there is not a match between the email column and your signed in email. What is currently in your email column?

Are you using Public or Public with Email for your privacy settings? I am assuming that you are using Public with Email since you are attempting to use the signed-in options for visibility. In that case, you would never have a not signed in user.

Hey Jeff, I am using Public with E-Mail. But I made my own “create a profile tab” and I have a sperate table where I safe the Users Information also their Mail when the first create their Account.

Hier is a copy of that App which you can work on: -> @Mark

@Nico When I first open the app I see the intro where it asks me to make a profile. Then I make one, upon which I see the intro video, which is in concordance with the visibility settings of the Video component. What’s the problem you’re having?

When you initially sign in for the first time without a profile created, there is no row to view and because of that, there is no video link to show. You’re trying to view a record that doesn’t exist until you create it. That includes any components (like video) that are using a link to the video.

Here’s what you need to do to fix this.

  • First create a dummy record in the Users sheet without an email address. This dummy row will be populated with the video link
  • Switch your video visibility back to ‘isn’t Signed in User’
  • Add a filter to your tab to be Email ‘is Signed in User’ OR Email ‘is Empty’
  • Change the Sorting for the tab to use Email in reverse Z-A order. This will move all rows with emails to the top of the sheet and they will take priority over the dummy row once a user creates a profile.

This should give you the results you want.

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@Jeff_Hager Gotcha Man! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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