Only 3 items being pulled from relations

Hello, I am new and am trying to develop a chore app. I want to be able to have multiple tasks (wipe counter, restock tp, scrub toilet, etc.) assigned to each chore (bathroom). When I use the relation and then lookup, I can only get 3 tasks recalled. Is this something I have to pay for or something, to recall more than 3 items per relation?

No, nothing you have to pay for. I would check spelling and make sure there are no extra spaces that may be causing your relation to fail.


You may see only 3 inside your data editor, but it will pull everything.
The data editor shows maximum 3 relations. Place an inline list inside your app or add a rollup column to see the actual number.


Haha, that is it. Newby here! You can only see 3 tasks port over, but once I clicked within the cell, you can visualize the remaining tasks. Thank you both for quick replies @Jeff_Hager and @Manan_Mehta.