Components, Relations, etc

Hi all, I am new to Glide, but am trying to develop an app with multiple relations. I know I am doing something wrong, but am not sure how to explain it, modify it, or fix it. I have the following organization that I can’t get to work in app:
Category 1
Title 1
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5
Title 6
Cat 2
Title 1
Title 2
Title 3
Title 4
Title 5
Title 6
Title 7
Title 8
Cat 3

Cat 4


I am seemingly not doing my Relations correctly, or adding Component correctly, or maybe it is the way I created and arranged my Spread sheet and tabs. I’m not sure. Can anyone help?
Here’s the spreadsheet I am working with:

Take a look at what I did here - I think this is what you’re looking for.

I created a relationship on the rooms tab with the Kitchen Guideline Categories, then 2 relations on the Kitchen Guideline Categories - 1 each with Kitchen Egress & Passageways, and Kitchen Activity Centers & Adjacency.

One list on the Rooms Tab, One inline list on the details from Kitchen, and 2 inline lists for the next two relations. The inline list component won’t show if there’s no data that matches, so it doesn’t matter how many of them you stack up.

This is a quick & dirty version, but I hope it helps you.

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Yes, it took you 5 minutes and I have been working on this for 5 hours - not an exaggeration. I would love to know HOW you did it. I also will need to add the remaining content!

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How do I share the app with coworkers?

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Click the icon at the top of left of screen

First of all - I been working with this since about July, and when I started I was CLUELESS. Don’t feel bad about being stuck. For me, I learned by reading these forums, taking any small tip or technique, and testing out with a tiny app on a 3 line spreadsheet.

SO - Here’s what I did.

Using the DATA in the app builder, I created the relationships. (BTW - I didn’t name the relationships in this case - you should do that. Follow best practices and name everything so it makes sense to you so later if you need to make changes - and you will - it’ll be easier to track down.)


First was ROOMS - Clicked NEW COLUMN, chose RELATION, and then set the configuration to ROOM (in this sheet) to matches value in ROOM in Kitchen Guideline Categories.


Next tab - Kitchen Guideline Categories - I only made 2 relations to test with, but there should be 4.

Add Column, set to RELATION, where the first one where ROOM (in this sheet) matches ROOM in Kitchen Egress & Passageways, then the same steps for Kitchen Activity Centers & Adjacency. Once you get the next two spreadsheet tabs populated, you can go ahead and add them too.

Now get out of DATA and back to TABS in the app builder.
I hid all but the ROOMS tab.

Back to Layout for the ROOMS tab - Set it to LIST.
Click on kitchen to advance to the details screen.
Only 2 components here - TITLE, and INLINE LIST.

The first inline list is the relationship we made from ROOMS to KITCHEN GUIDELINE CATEGORIES.
This shows all 4 categories. Click Egress & Passageways
Only 3 components here. TITLE, INLINE LIST and another INLINE LIST. You can stack the inline lists on top of each other - unless there is a data mach, they won’t show up. Only the one that’s relevant will.


Take some time, play with it, and relax. It’s not that difficult once you get into it. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to help the next new person. Good luck.

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Hi Tim,
Thanks so much for the overview. I want to heed the advice of naming the relationships, but it seems that even if you click edit, you are unable to edit the name. Is this true? Seems like a feature that should exist!

Is it not possible to just share the link, so people can access directly? Why do I need to collect emails and have them receive a pin?

Glad I could help you. I think once you’ve created a column you can’t rename it. You can only name them as you create. Recreate them with your preferred column name and retrace my steps to build the app. Once you’ve done that, delete the columns I made. It’ll give you a little experience and get your column names in line.

I am going to work on that now. One more Question though…
Egress & Passageways, K1.1. Doorways has a Thumbs Up emoji rather than the traditional square with letters. How did you do that? Is it editable?

OK, I am still confused what to do AFTER I make a new relation.

How do I get it connected so that I can delete the 1st “New Column” that you made in order to have it listed with an appropriate title?

I didn’t do anything but load your spreadsheet. It looks like for that list, IMAGE is set to CONTENT - it seems to be picking up the emoji from the body copy of your text block. I just tested it with a couple more Copied & pasted the emoji from one cell to the next and there it was.

Go back to layout, and add INLINE LIST using the new column as the source.

OK, I did it for the 3rd new column, but something went wrong when I tried the 4th: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Safety.

Nope, nevermind. The sheet just takes a minute to reload!

Yes you can share a link, there is more info in the documentation