[Launch impacting] Relationship column in Sheet not being recognised

My app’s URL: https://go.glideapps.com/app/AKFCLjDSVh31tZd7HouK

Sheet ‘Profiles’
Has a column ‘Initiatives3=Initiatives:Creator:Multiple’

Sheet ‘Initiatives’
Has a column ‘CreatorRelationship=Profiles:Email’

Profiles.Initiatives3 column will not be recognised by Glide when reloading.

If I change ‘Profiles’ column to ‘Initiatives=TestInitiatives:Creator:Multiple’,
with a test sheet ‘TestInitiatives’, it is recognised.

I create a copy of ‘Initiatives’ sheet as ‘Initiatives2’,
and added to ‘Profiles’ sheet column ‘Initiatives1=Initiatives2:Creator:Multiple’,
and that is recognised.

Glide is getting confused with reference to the original ‘Initiatives’ sheet

Have you considered setting up the relations in the glide data editor? It’s a lot less confusing.

Yes, but since your User model doesn’t support non editors vs editors permissions (which I will file a different Feature Suggestion about),
I have to create two apps with same Sheet, and wanted the data model in the sheet.

You can currently set editing permissions by user, but if you want to stick with 2 apps, is it getting confused because one column is CreatorRelationship and you are referring to it as Creator?

Do you support an app that doesn’t require Sign In,
but limit Add to a signed in user?

I already have a column in the ‘Initiatives’ sheet = ‘Creator’
CreatorRelationship was used to avoid name duplicates.
I have other mapped columns with arbitrary names that work fine.

I don’t…

Neither does Glide as far as I know.

That’s why I need two apps

Might need some screenshots of your headings to better understand.

It’s a bug.
I’ll leave Glide to have a look at it.

Added an ‘Profiles’.‘Initiatives’ relation column via the Data editor for now so I can launch

Could you share the sheet with me in a PM, please?

Done. Thanks.

A bug indeed. It’ll be fixed by Tuesday at the latest. Thank you for reporting!

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