Missing items data

I have two more Columns but I can not find them on layout items data.

What can I do to make relation or lookup columns show in items data section?

Relations don’t show up because they are links to entire rows and not a specific column. A lookup will work, but the source relation needs to be a single relation. If it’s a multiple relation then the lookup will be an array. You can’t place an array of multiple items into something that can only hold a single item. So the solution in this case is to change your relation to a single relation so the lookup becomes a single item instead of an array. Then you can choose that lookup column.


Unfortunately relation is already one-to-one

My relation is already one-to-one but still I don’t see computer under items data of Employees Collection.

Relation Data Table


My Project is Public please feel free to check it out.

I suspect that your lookup column is referencing the relation via the source table instead of directly. Can you show how the Lookup column is configured please?

Lookup just copies from left column

But still I can not see any computed columns

Yes, that’s the problem. You’re not referencing the relation directly.

Look for something like this :point_down:

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I should lookup in created relation TABLE not column

Now you’re cooking with gas :+1:

Any time you see a “bubble” around the values in the Data Editor, that’s an indication that the value is an array. Sometimes it can be useful the way you had it originally, but not if you just want a single value that you can use in a text type component on the screen.