One component doesn't show properly on live app


I have a list of writers with their amount of articles and it was showing just fine, till yesterday, now it’s not showing the word “articles” as I see on the app design page, I see just the number of articles, it’s also showing in the wrong order. It looks like it’s just grabbing the spreadsheet data without considering my settings on the app.

You can compare the two screen captures to see the difference. This has been going on since yesterday. Other sections of the sites are updated but now this one.

@ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto @david @Jeff_Hager ?

![Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 4.26.22 PM|527x499]

On glideapp:

On my iPhone:

I’ve been experiencing similar behaviour. The builder looks and functions great, but the live app is slow to update and isn’t showing referenced fields (values that are being generated by the previous screen’s selections). It almost seems like the live app can’t keep up with the craziness I’ve configured in the builder… But the builder can and does keep up.

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That’s really messed up @kyleheney! is it reported as a bug?

I haven’t reported it yet. Was hoping it was just because I was constantly changing the structure of the app and everything just needed to catch up and sync. It hasn’t though, so I think I’ll be contacting Support at some point soon.

I would report as a bug if the editor and the real app doesn’t match. We can’t do much otherwise.

It was just fixed on my app, but it took more than 24 hours for the app to catch up with the glide editor.

Actually it’s not really fixed. Now the order of the writers is correct but it’s showing the wrong variables. It’s missing the word “articles”, so it’s not showing the correct info.

Please send a support link to your app and a description of what’s wrong to and we will take a look.

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I will and by the way @david it’s showing different data on different instances of my app on my iPhone, I have like 3-4 instances and each one show something different, really weird!