App gone wrong

Please help!! There is a mismatch between the app showing in the glide app and the one on my phone. It looks like some components are not showing. I have made no changes lately and it all have been working fine. But all the sudden the app on the phone shows something entirely different and it is wrong.

Need more information please. Can you start by adding some screen shots of each that clearly show the differences?

Here they are. First one is from the glide app, second from the phone.

Okay, so it looks like you’re seeing an extra item in a collection that you’re not expecting to see, yes?

Go to the App Builder and have a look in the Data Editor at the Table that information is coming from. Look for any extra rows that shouldn’t be there or don’t look right. Also check your filtering on that collection, if you have any.

If you can’t figure it out, then please provide additional screen shots of both the Data Table (from the Glide Data Editor), and the collection component setup and configuration.

Thank you for your reply, it has helped me to calm down and look at the issue further and it seems like there is an issue with the filter data settings.
What I see in the glide screen is correct. I have some components that have filter data conditions set up and they are showing fine in the glide app. But on my phone, those components aren’t showing correctly. Has anything changed in glide that would make some filter data not show correctly? And how can I fix those if the components in the glide app are showing correctly? Shall I delete them and start all over?

It’s hard to say without seeing it. If you can show me how it’s configured, I might be able to help you figure it out.

Note that visibility conditions and filters are two completely different things, so we need to be clear which one we are referring to. In any case, a couple more screenshots will be helpful.

Here is the screenshot for the component that is not showing correctly. I had it with the following filter data conditions and that was working fine until now.

Okay, great. That’s really helpful :+1:

So it looks like you have an extra row that’s matching your filter conditions when it shouldn’t be.
What we need to do is figure out why.
Take a look in the Data Editor at that row that includes “Void of course” and examine the values in each of the columns that are used in the filter conditions. Hopefully, it should become obvious after you do that.

To fix it, you probably need to adjust your filter conditions. My advice would be to move the filtering logic into the Data Editor. With your current filter conditions, you could create an if-then-else column with the following cases:

  • If Current Time is before Start Time, then null (leave empty)
  • If Current Time is after End Time , then null
  • If Time Change is not empty, then null
  • If Event includes Void, then null
  • Else true

And then your filter condition would simply be “if-then-else column is checked”

Anyway, if you can’t spot the problem, please show me a screen shot from the data editor that shows each of those columns.

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Thank you. But what remains unclear is why what shows in the glide app - which is correct, doesn’t show on the phone. Glide is reading the filters perfectly, and the component is displaying correctly, but they are not showing on the phone. Then what you see on the glide app is not reliable and it becomes a nightmare to set up the app. And this is the issue I would like to solve. So that whatever changes and settings are showing on the glide app are also showing on the phone.

If the problem was the row in the Data editor, wouldn’t that show in the glide app?

I strongly suspect that it’s to do with the difference in Date Formatting between your Mobile Device and your laptop/desktop browser. This is a quite common issue. With dates, what you see is not always what you get.

Again, if you can show me a screen shot from the Glide Data Editor, I’m fairly confident that I can guide you to a solution.

This would explain it. I had aimed at formatting all dates the same. But one tab seems like is not recognising August and the other nothing until December!

And the problem is happening on both, the phone and the ipad.

Here is the screenshot:

Okay, thanks.
That actually all looks okay, as far as I can see.
Another question: In your filter conditions you are comparing Start Time and End Time to “Current Time”. Where does Current Time come from and how do you determine it?

I have created 2 columns that show that:

Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 13.20.25

ah, okay - now I think I see the problem.

Your Current Time column will include a Date, even though it isn’t shown. When you format a datetime, the format is used for display only. The actual underlying datetime value isn’t changed. If you click into one of those rows in the Current Time column, you should see for yourself that the actual value includes a date.

Right, so I think the fix is to ignore those two columns and instead use the special Now value in your filter conditions. So like this:

  • Start Time is before Now
  • and End Time is after Now
  • and Time Change is empty
  • and Event doesn’t contain Void

That should fix it, I think.

Thank you! Yes, I am aware that those columns are a date value, and that you can choose how to display them. I use them to display the times in the app. See screenshot.

I have changed the filters accordingly and it shows well in the glide app but the issue remains on the phone.
Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 13.34.26

So are you saying that you are still seeing that extra “Void of course” record in the App on your phone, but not in the App Builder?
I don’t really see how that’s possible.

So now it turns out that the app is showing well in my partner’s phone!

So… are we all good, or are there still issues to resolve?

I have checked on both of my phones and ipad, and the app doesn’t work. Is there any known issues with certain IOS that could explain why the app doesn’t show correctly?