Issue with Component not loading for specific user and/or device

Has anyone had an issue with a component not loading for a specific user? So I have a custom collection that has open visibility and no row owners or user specific data. If I do a View As (as that user) within Glide, I can see the component perfectly fine. I also worked with the user to log in as them on my device and see the component fine as well.

The issue is for the user, they can’t see the component on their device. They have tried different device types (desktop and mobile), different browsers and can’t ever see the component. I had one create a brand new account with the same issue.

I ask this question now because I have a second user with the same bug so I’m trying to understand possible scenarios of why it’s happening and I can’t seem to reproduce it.

What’s your App ID?

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.

I’ll see if I can take a look.

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This is a screenshot of what’s occuring where it says “Key Dates”

What visibility condition(s) do you have for that component? Does it involve any dates filtering?

I do have date filtering. Plus / Minus two weeks. I did think that could be it if like the browser wasn’t pulling the time but I wasn’t sure if that would be the case.

What column do you use to calculate that?

Using a Math Column. Showing both columns and then I’m doing a similar Math column for 2 week after

This might be the source of the problem. Why do you need to use this column?

So if i remember correctly, I couldn’t get the math working properly on the other date field in the format it was in. I’m getting an If → Then, converting to date and then couldn’t get it to work in the math column without adding that column.

Is there a reason it does work for all users but not for like a specific user or device? And shows properly in the Glide App Preview

Some of the date related plugin columns are known to give inconsistent results on some devices.

To subtract two weeks from a date, all you need is Date-14 in a math column.


Yeah, i’ll mess with it some more but when I use the original date column I have, it’s blank when doing the math so it’s why I added that extra step for that conversion to get it to work. I’ll have to run through it and just see if I can streamline it some more.

Is your original date column an actual date type column? If you are working with actual dates to begin with, then you wouldn’t need a text to date column to convert anything.

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The original date isn’t only bc I’m pulling from four different date fields and this one is the master chosen by an If-Then column. One of the columns is like an estimated date column (Q3 2024) which I convert to a date using AI.

So they are all dates when I pick it but I guess it must be a format conversion I’m doing along the way that’s probably causing it.

EDIT: I was able to reproduce this when I added year to the format so there’s def something on my end where I need to clean up how the dates work. Thank you for everyone’s help!


Since I don’t have a complete picture of your setup, here are a couple of general thoughts to consider.

  • You can convert dates into a numeric date (google equivalent) by doing a FLOOR(date) in a math column. That makes it really easy to add or subtract 14 to a simple integer number.
  • You could probably convert your dates to numbers before using the IF column and the result should still be a number.

Hope that helps a little bit.


I’ll def try that out. I’m now currently wanting to show dates in the current timezone so it’s a full rehaul of my calendar as it is haha


Good luck! Dates are tricky.


Thank you for making this. This community is awesome :slight_smile:


In case you are not aware, I did that before Glide created the ‘Respect Time Zone’ feature for date columns, but it is only available with Glide tables.

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yeah, my problem is I’m using Google Sheets. I wanted to move to fully using glide tables but my cofounder likes the sheets…haha

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