Just want to express my utmost frustrations with Glide

I like Glide and how i can easily relate column etc. But it’s so incredibly buggy that I do not feel it’s worth the effort to continue. Everytime I solve an issue by getting around the bugs, I’ll soon hit a new problem.

Hi Wayne. So sorry that you are experiencing some bugs lately.

Can you let us know what bug are you facing right now?

Sometimes what happens is what we think is a bug is actually not a bug but our small mistake that makes us think it’s a bug :smile:. It happens with me too.

You can also always contact the Glides support team as they are super responsive in fixing all the bugs, and they can identify the problem for you as well.

Rest assured, Glideapps is one of the best no code tools with the best price, functionality, and a great support team. :blush:


Feel free to let us know what supposed bugs you are facing, and we can debug them together in this community.

If it’s not something we can help you with, we will pass that to the support team/engineering team for further help.


Thanks you guys for the support here. :grinning:

My latest issue is what is the computed data and graphs that is shown on the builder is different from when my mobile device.



Of those two screen shots, which is the builder and which is the mobile device?
I’m guessing that maybe the first one is from the mobile device, but please confirm.
Are you viewing the data as the same signed in user in both cases? Please double-check that and confirm.
Does your app use Row Owners? Sometimes, where row owners are in play, what you see in the builder will not always accurately reflect what is seen in the published app.

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@Wayne_Xu We have been doing major surgery on Glide lately–sorry for the bumps. Let us know how we can support you.

Hi Darren,

The first one is the mobile device. Yes I’ve checked through if i’m viewing data from the same user and no i’m not using row owners. In fact that I have no even use any data filters or visibility function yet. The same issue is also happening for the charts - for the mobile device no data is being expressed.

mmm, okay.

I have another question. I assume that to get the number of assigned jobs per day, you are doing some sort of rollup by date, yes?

Are you using any date related plugins in that process? Maybe the Date Format plugin, for example?

I am asking because I do know that the date plugins are known to not work well with Safari/IOS. This could possibly be the source of the issue.


Hi Darren,

I managed to resolve the problem. As I was relating dates, I had to change the date time format on google sheets to be consistent in all the different sheets. Strange though that it could work on the desktop browser and not on mobile.

For all the support I’ve been getting from the community, I really feel bad for venting my frustrations now. :smiling_face_with_tear:


It’s okay, @Wayne_Xu :smiley: – please just update the title of this post.


Bless you, @Wayne_Xu! Glad it’s resolved. “Just want to express my utmost appreciation for Glide!” — haha! We’re at your disposal if there’s anything else you need.


Thanks for the community support here. Sorry for attributing my own lack of experience as Glide’s bugginess!


Glad you managed to get it resolved.
Here is a little tip for future reference - any time you are creating relations with dates, it’s always a good idea to convert the Dates to either a string (using a template column) or a number (using a math column) first. This will ensure that you don’t run into issues with different date formats from device to device.

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No trouble! Excited to have you a part of this community :rocket:

Thanks for the tip!

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