Data stopped showing on 1 user's device

Good Day,
Has anyone come across a scenario where data in a report screen, stopped showing for one user.

If I however log into the Glide Back end, and view the user’s profile from within the layout editor, the data is shown correctly.

The user used Microsoft Edge browser, and afterwards tried with Firefox, but get the same result of data not being shown on their computer?

Other users can still view the data from their computers, it is specific to one user.

Has anyone seen this before, and perhaps know how to correct it?

Can you explain the data and any filters you may have?

Hi Jeff

The app is a very basic ticketing app. all ticket information is written to a ticket_data table.
I then have a reporting table, which pulls information from the ticket_data table to the reporting table with lookups and rollups based on the information needed for the report dashboard.

The report dashboard retrieves its data from the reporting table showing graphs and big numbers to display certain data.

From the back end side, there is no filtering or visibility conditions to restrict the showing of information.
From the users point of view, the only in app filtering the user can basically do is filter by month, to show graph information for a particular month, or few if multiple are selected(allowing users to select multiple months).

i must again emphasize, it is only the one user who is having the problem, other users who has the same access, to the same dashboard, does see the data/graphs.
I have a suspicion that it may be a caching of perhaps a Java scripting issue on the one users device.
below images refer:
-the 1 non working image is whats displayed on the users computer, by selecting jan,feb,mar,apr,may.
-the other working image, is taken from my computer, through the layout editor, (whilst viewing as the problematic user’s profile) the same selection, which does display the data.

PS. i must also note, the user was viewing the data without any problem since january 2024 when the reporting dashboard was built, he only reported 2 days ago having this problem.

I don’t know about Jeff, but whenever I see anything like this my immediate suspicion is that it’s something to do with the way the dates are being handled.

In the first screenshot, I see that the user has some filters applied. What happens if he removes all filters - does he see any data?

Can you describe how the filter values (Month Year) are calculated?
You mentioned JavaScript - is that what is being used?
Do you use a Format Date column anywhere?

Also, what happens if the affected user signs in from a different device - do they get the same behaviour?

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the date is recorded as the standard date and time.

I then use the Format Date calculation to extract the year and months.

After that i use a template to write MONTH YEAR to a column, which is what is being used in the filter.

I made mention of JavaScript, saying im suspecting a java issue on the users computer, since other users are not having this problem. Im not using any custom Java Code in the app.

I’ve asked the user to try the app from his mobile phone or ipad, awaiting feedback from the user on this question.

Date-Year Ext

My suspicion would be the Format Date column is the culprit. This is known to give unreliable results on some devices.

To get the Month and Year from a Date, this is what I normally do:

  • For the year, just a simple math column using Year(Date)
  • For the month, it’s a little bit more work, but the following method is pretty much guaranteed to always give the correct result:
    – Create a column in a table (anywhere) that lists the month names, from Jan to Dec, one per row.
    – Extract the Month Index number from the date with a math column using Month(Date)-1
    – Use a Single Value column to fetch the month name from the list of months, using N from start, where N is the month index number.

The above method has never failed me. On the other hand, Format Date has failed me so many times that I avoid it completely.


I would agree with @Darren_Murphy here. I have the same suspicion. There have been several reports for a long time regarding issues with Format Date. For that reason, I only work with a Math column to manipulate dates.

I think the problem stems from two things.

  • Safari seems seems to work with dates a little differently in some cases.
  • Many problems arise from different regional date formats. Glide will format dates based on region settings on the device. For example I see dates as MMDDYYY whereas other parts of the world may see dates as DDMMYYYY or YYYYMMDD. The Format Date column doesn’t seem to handle these differences very well.

So it could very well be that the particular user is using a device that’s working with dates slightly differently than everyone else and causes things to no longer match up.


Thank you for your advice Darren

I am going to try your approach, and see if this solves my problem.

You guys are awesome, thank you for the support and guidance!

Thanks Jeff for your support and guidance!

Going to try Darren’s suggestion.

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