App gone wrong

The only issue that I’m aware of is the one I already mentioned related to dates and times. But based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think that would be affecting you in this case.

However - I’m not quite clear about exactly what it is now that isn’t working on your phone. Is it the same original issue (the unwanted collection item), or is it something else?

The issue is that various components shows the items incorrectly. They show the items from the wrong date and it doesn’t filter them according to the conditions set.

The Void of Course item that appeared there it was from another component, which I managed to filter out using a visibility condition.

Okay, so I can probably help you fix this if you want me to, but I need to understand exactly what I’m trying to fix. eg. “various components” doesn’t give me much to work with…

If you want me to continue helping (which I don’t mind doing), you need to show me exactly what isn’t working, including how you currently have it configured. Otherwise I’ll just be making wild guesses and wasting your time and mine :man_shrugging:

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Thank you so much! I am attaching the screenshots of my partners phone and my phone so you can see how different they look.

And here are the screenshots from my phone:

The component that I am struggling with under TODAY’s Moon is a Inline list and it is set up according to the following conditions:

The other component that is not showing the items correctly is also an inline list and it is set up according to the following:

As you can see it shows items from the 2nd of September.

The first two screenshots show the word Sök in the search bar. It’s not as simple as that is it?

That is the search box and it show sök because the phone is in swedish :slight_smile:

sök is search in swedish

Yes, but my point is that would be causing the list to be filtered. What happens if you clear the search bar?

sök is search in swedish. The search bar is clear

Oh, right :joy:
Okay, let me study those a bit more.

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Yes :slight_smile:

Some text gets automatically translated into the phone’s language, some is not.

yep, no worries.

Okay, I can see that you’re still using that Current Time column in one of your filters.
I’d recommend getting rid of that and replace it with Now.
Might not fix the problem, but it will at least eliminate that as a possible cause.

Well spotted! I have just updated that. Thank you!

Did it make any difference?


I have just opened the app on another computer and it also shows fine.

I am waiting for someone else to tell me how it looks on their phone.

On my devices it still doesn’t show right.

Does your App require sign in?
If not, I can also try it if you give me the link.

Yes it does.
I could add your email so you can access it.

I have now checked on various different phones and iOS.

The phones on 16.6 it doesn’t work.
The phone on 16.3 works.
One phone on 16.5 works and the other one doesn’t.

So strange!