Discrepancy between what shows while developing the app vs what shows while viewing the app

Hi there!

Really cool tool and got me going on a project that I thought I would never actually be able to do.

I’m having an issue at the moment where some data doesn’t show up when using the app. But it does show up as it should be when developing the app

And these are the visibility options

In both instances I’m logged in as the same user, the app just behaves differently in the deployed instance vs the development instance. The app URL is redacted

To see the problem page, you can go to App > Categories > pick any of the categories. I would expect all the entries to have the English word visible but that isn’t the case. Wondering why this is and how to resolve it?

Very well could be I’ve set something up incorrectly but I can’t quite figure out what and any help would be appreciated. Thank you! I would post more pics but as a new user I am only allowed to post one pic for the moment.

Are you using row owners or user specific columns anywhere in your data? Are you using the correct columns in the inline list? It looks like it’s pulling back the row, but just not displaying the text.


Thanks Jeff! It wasn’t either of those, turns out there was an issue with the hacky way I was bulk importing data into the Glide Table and therefore some data just doesn’t seem to have synced with the Glide servers.

Thanks for your help, problem has been resolved

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