HELP: Data Shows in Layout Edit but Doesnt in Published

I Have 16k Data Row, with row owner

in Layout Editor, the data i searched showed but when in the published app, it doesnt show the data i want to find. its been occuring this last few month, does glide having any problem sync the database ?

Layout Editor
Published App

Hi Martinus_Goh,
I feel for you. I’m having the same problem. I get things to a specific stage and it looks good. Then I add another component and whalla the previous view totally disappears. I’ve been tearing my hair out for hours trying to sort out the most basic issues when this happens. It appears to me that the Glide sync is having some hissy fits at random times. (Had this happen in another app I was developing and spent hours on researching how to fix the issue - thinking I’d made another error - however this evening (Aussie time), I wrote down the options for the various data sheets in the app. When I yet again lost the view, I religiously went over my detailed notes and ensured I entered the exact same options as I had written down and bugger me the sync still hasn’t updated with the correct options. Honestly I spent over 75% of the time I took to develop 1 app literally on researching how to resolve the specific issue/s without success - which made the apps days in the making!!!.

I will check back into the app tomorrow to see whether the sync has taken place.

Tonight I even opened the brower in usual mode rather than incognito - no joy. Then I opened the app in a totally different brower to see if the usual brower I’m using may be part of the issue - no joy.

I’m now wondering if I use the underdo button too many times whether this is what is causing Glide not to sync.

Anyone who can assist both of us with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I’ve given up using the Glide chat bot because - basically I find it is useless. I’ve also in the main given up trying to wade through the Glide documentation as it either doesn’t address the issue or their explanations are so convulted and as a new user - I need simple step by step instruction videos rather than videos that are 48 seconds long (one video I came across) which didn’t say anying or videos where the trainer has raced through and hasn’t fully explained in a step by step - go here, click that, then go here and either click or do that.

Thanks for reading this far.

When you talk about sync here, are you talking about data sync, or structural changes that you made to your App?

Are you able to talk in a little more detail about the changes that are being lost?
eg. which specific components were you adding/changing? If you can reproduce the problem and share a short video that would be even better.

There are a few gotchas when it comes to building Glide Apps where changes can be lost if you’re not careful (or not sure) what you are doing. Quite possibly you might be bumping into one of these cases, but I’d need more specifics about what you are doing before I could offer any advice.

Hi Darren,
Many thanks. Here is a wee video of the issue I’m having.

Desley Scratching her head re filtering so users videos show


I’ve replied to the same video in your other thread to address your filtering/visibility challenges, but here is my take on your “disappearing views”.

Take a look at the below screen shot:

A few things about the above:

  • At the Tab level, you are using a Card style. Any time you switch between any of those Styles at the tab level, the layout will change completely.
  • If you add a second component to the screen, then the Style will automatically switch to “Custom”
  • If you then later switch back to any of the other styles, then any changes that you’ve made to your Custom screen will be gone.
  • A general rule of thumb is to only use one of the Styles in the first two rows if you never intend to add anything else to the screen. Otherwise, use a Custom style.

I can’t speak for other experienced Glide builders, but personally I almost always use a Custom style.

Hi Darren,
Many, many thanks. Yes I did wonder whether I should have been using custom rather than card or grid (I do so like grid style for some things).

With your suggestions in the other thread (which I accidently replied to rather than this thread), I notice with your portal template (which is what I have been using) you have managed to put button links in the various rows for specific users. Yes, I’ll check out Glide University for this but how did you do this please? I’d like to include a button with the specific video URL for each users’ videos and for the life of me I cannot get this to work when there is more than 1 video, if I use the button in components section. As if I use open link, then it will go to the specific link for the individual user and not to the actual specific video URL. I’ve been scratching my head re this one for ages and again couldn’t find the relevant documentation in Glide documents. They tell you how to create a button and link however not how to do this when there are multiple users with multiple videos that I could ascertain at any rate.

I greatly appreciate all the help you are providing. At present between doing this portal I’m developing (for free) apps for some friends to help make their lives a wee bit easier. Not to mention I’m gaining experience at using the Glide platform and the level of challenges is increasing with each app I develop. (The first 2 I developed for myself were reasonably a piece of cake compared to the 2 apps I’m developing for a couple of friends and this portal one. (Please note with the portal the level of challenge increased when I decided I wanted to include specific videos for the different users and not with your original template.)

Many thanks - very greatly appreciate your quick responses and very invaluable suggestions and recommendations.

That template is from @Darren_Alderman , not @Darren_Murphy .

I don’t think I can picture this well. Can you send over a video or some screenshots on how you’re setting it up?

But The Problem i Faced is probably the Data Sync, because whenever im in the Layout Edit Mode, its show the data i searched.

but when in the published app, the data i searched doesn want to show. Just like the picture i submitted earlier. (I Searched for “Rofiq”, its shows, but in the published, i also search for “Rofiq” it doesnt) - Look at the Search Bar


Hi ThnkhDinh,
Many thanks. Hopefully both Darren’s won’t be too upset.

Images uploaded to Jeff’s reply. Please see here.

Happy Snaps re button issue

Any Solution to my problems guys ? @ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy

For your case, my only suggestion would be to double-check that the signed in user actually has ownership of the row you are searching for.

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I encounter the same problem- without any changes. Yesterday I also faced the already reported airtable synch problems.

So I am certain this is connected- I did not change anything to the structure, view or anything else described above.

Im sure the row owner is the same since i can access all row that row ownership is specifically to signed-in user.

only in the published app, it doesnt show fully everything that has in the database.

Desparating right :pensive:

did you also tested in your layout editor ?
and compare it to the published app ?

Yes - that’s what I meant. App vs. editor.
It seems to be related to the databases being duplicated/unlinked but empty.

I duplicated the entire app and currently experiment with relinking items.