Users table data vanished from Glide, still in Sheets, won't sync

All rows and columns of my Users table in the Glide db UI have vanished for no apparent reason.
I haven’t touched the table in days and only noticed because I was suddenly not seeing admin pages.

Fortunately my Users data is still in Sheets, but it won’t sync to Glide. I’m sure I could try to shoehorn the data back in somehow, but I am hoping to learn about some simple fix for this issue.

Has anybody know what this behavior is? And how to rectify my data syncing issue?


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What happens when you press the sync icon? Do you have row owners?

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I’ve seen this happen when Row Owners are removed. The data is still there, but it isn’t visible in the GDE. A full browser refresh usually fixes it. May or may not help with your situation.

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Pressing the sync icon does nothing. I don’t have row owners.

Fwiw, I created a new table ‘Copy of Users’ within Sheets and syncing works fine for that table.

That’s weird. I would advise sending an email with your app support link and describe your situation to

I ultimately resolved this manually. I made a copy of users, deleted users, renamed the copy to users, and voila. I don’t know how Glide and Sheets got out of sync.

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