Can't connect to my app

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • I can’t no more connect to my app. It shows a blank page

Is your App still published?

What URL do you get when you go to Share → Copy App link?

@Darren_Murphy Yes I think so:




  • Have you made any recent changes to your App?
  • Do you have any tab visibility settings?

@Darren_Murphy Yes, I have changed name of the app + logo. Now I have removed the new one and put the old one back.

When I put required sign in, it seems to work… but some of my pages dont need acces like this one

Okay, so my suspicion is that you have tab visibility settings that would prevent users seeing any tabs unless they are signed in. So my suggestion is to check any tabs that should be visible when a user is not signed in, and remove any visibility settings on those tabs.

Yes thank you @Darren_Murphy this is what i’m doing but there is still a bug like this one

as you can see i’m viewing like anyone and there is no condition of visibilty

From my prod app, this block is missing

I see that you have conditions in your list filter that are based on Dates and Times.
My immediate suspicion is that one or more of those conditions are returning inconsistent results based on device date formatting differences.

Can you tell me more about the datetime columns that are used in those filter conditions?
And specifically, do any of them use the Format Date plugin?

Just as an aside, complex filter conditions like the one you have there can be quite difficult to maintain, especially if they need to be applied to multiple components. A better approach is to move all that logic to the Data Editor such that you can use the value of a single if-then-else column in your list filter.

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Thank you for your advices i will do it later because it worked until today…
You are right it will be better to do it with if then else.

the datetime columns : the logic is show me only upcoming matchs

And specifically, do any of them use the Format Date plugin?

I dont undersand why on glide app editor i can see my block but on prod i can’t.

The most likely explanation is because the filter is not working. And the most likely explanation for the filter not working is because of a mismatch in datetime formats.

You showed me the configuration of your Match/Date & heure de debut column.
I see two other columns in your filter conditions that look to be date related. Can you show me how they are configured?

Also, are there any other columns in those filter conditions that are derived from datetime columns?

Two other columns are the same :

this one means, if it’s empty, game are not cancelled

This one means : if game date is before now then true so don’tshow it

Once i click here

Block appears on my web app

But if I reload, it desappaers again


@Jeff_Hager - I’ve seen you make mention of some odd behaviour with the Respect Time Zone setting. Any thoughts on what might be going on here? :thinking:


I haven’t had a chance to deep dive into it, but I’ve seen Date Only columns default the underlying time to noon instead of midnight. That’s what I’ve personally observed. For others it seems like it offsets the time in different ways and I’ve seen several reports where a date’s underlying value will look correct, but the formatted value is the previous day.

There’s definitely something weird going on, but I’m not sure what it is.

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