Filter by Signed in User Issues

While editing the app, I’m able to filter contents based on signed-in user and see the correct information. However, it doesn’t work when sent to a phone or opened in another tab. Nothing is visible.

The items that need to be visible are on a separate tab with the corresponding emails. The emails match those on the ‘users’ tab. I’ve done this many times before. I have no idea why it’s not working this time.


So you’re saying that it shows up the right way in the builder but not in the phone?

Yes. I even have a component that I had originally put visibility restrictions on but have since removed. To see it now, I have to start a visibility condition and not finish it. Ex. Signed-in user is… It doesn’t even matter what I put in as long as I don’t finish it.

If I put anything of real value it won’t work. This seems like a glitch. Lots of glitches, actually.

Can we have the link of the app so we can test it on our phones?

Did you force close the app on phone at least twice after applying restrictions on computer? Glide doesn’t push the design updates right away.

It has sensitive info is the only problem. I’ve added it to other phones too with no luck. Nothing shows up in a window either.

Many times.

I’ve also noticed that the color scheme change I added to the start up page hasn’t changed. I did that 24 hours ago.