Logged in but can't see content in app

I have set my app to “public with email” and have restricted access to the tabs and some content within the app by setting a visibility condition for each tab. I am logged in as myself (and therefore should have access to everything) but I can see the content on the desktop but not on the app on my phone.
I logged out, deleted the “app” on my phone, re logged and re added it to the home screen but still don’t see the content.
How can I fix this?

Can you show what the tab visibility conditions look like?

Sure, here it is.

What you are showing there is the visibility on an Inline List component.
Assuming that’s what’s “missing”, try changing the visibility to:

  • “email is signed-in user and Paid is not empty”

Yes, it was what was missing and it now works. I see that the logic for visibility changed since I put this in place and that the sign in filter is the first determinant. Thanks for your help