Blank screen after opening app - on phone and pc

I am on a paid plan and I cannot access my app on my phone or computer as a user with my email address - tried both Safari and Chrome.

I’m unsure as to why this is but have no issue using an email generated by “hide my email” on iPhone.

It seems that many users are having the same issue and this is affecting my sign ups. Please advise.

What happens when you try? What are your app’s privacy settings?

My app is public and this issue only occurs with my email and a select few others.

As I am the founder of my app, it’s quite concerning.

If I use a burner email with “hide my email” (iPhone) I have no issue.

With my personal email, I am greeted with a blank screen after adding the pin code emailed. It also means that the app freezes when opened from my Home Screen.

Do you have tab visibility conditions? Can you share some of your configurations here?

Is there a clear distinction between the emails that work and don’t? E.g some comes from a certain domain?

It looks like your app is working, but your tabs are hidden as @ThinhDinh suggests.

Are you trying to make a pseudo-private app, where tabs are hidden for unauthorized users?

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If it helps, the app works for me:

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Also works for me.

Issue resolved thanks to email support!
I built my app using a template that I’d amended heavily and didn’t realise I’d left useless data in one of the columns which was impacting my view.

As for those who are impacted (but have no useless data stopping them from accessing the app), I will ask them to refresh the page?

Yeah, let them know about the issue and tell them to test again if it works.