Live APP doesn't show what is in the builder

Good night,

For some reason the settings we have in the building are not working in the live APP secreen in the same user sesion.

Seems that the glide table is not saving the data?

Here to screenshots:

The builder

Live app:


Is a classic APP.

Thanks for your help in advanced,

Albert Puig

So the difference is that everything above NOTĂŤCIES DESTACADES is missing???

Are there any visibility conditions on those components? Are these recent changes? Do you have publishing control turned on?

Hi Jeff,

There is a visibility condition subject to the column I atach here. Is a date and it’s suposed to be 24 of May but when I change the data in the glide table after a few moments, again, it becomes 16 again so the components doesn’t show in the life app. The funny think is that apears correct in the builder.

So, part of the problem is that glide table is not retaing the changes I wrote. I was wondering if can be because we have the same app opened in another user session simultaniously?

Any other tips?

Here the column:

Many thanks in advanced,

Albert Puig

It shouldn’t be an issue to have the app open in another session. What kind of data source are you using for your tables? Glide Tables, Google, Airtable, Excel?

You show a column with several rows. Did you change the date in all of those rows to May 24?


I’am using Glide tables.

It’s hapening to me in other columns. I write something in a text or date column and when I quit from glide and come inside again the data is not there or is the old one (like this example I shared).

It’s driving me crazy, never hapen this before…

Any tips will be apreciate.

Many thanks

Albert Puig

Only thoughts I have are to try a different device, restart the device, or clear the browser cache.

You could also try replacing the column or replace the component. I’ve seen reports in the past of people replacing columns and components and that clears up the issue.

If none of that works, you may need to submit a support ticket.

Can you reproduce that in a video?

Ji Jeff and Thin,

It happens in diferent columns whenever I write in a text or data column in the data editor. So I don’t think that I can simply replace the column…

Here the vĂ­deo:

Many thanks in advanced!

Albert Puig

I suggest submitting a support ticket.

When you write that value in the app, does that value ever appear in your Google Sheets? I assume no?

Here you said you’re using Glide Tables, but your video shows you’re testing with a Google Sheet.

Does writing data to any other table work? Did you change your Google credentials recently?

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I have the same problem, that occured a few days ago.

Edits in the builder, were not reflected in the live app until about 2 hours later. Meaning, in my case the sync/update was VERY slow.

I sent a ticket to Glide, their reply was to sign in and out of my Google account, and that was this morning.

So far, the app still takes about 5 minutes to sync and get updates.