Oh Sheet! message

My app’s URL: https://go.glideapps.com/app/33NcFyT8BTXQnYKA6ghl

Hi there, I haven’t made a change in my sheet since Friday the 21st. After logging into glide today I’m getting the Oh Sheet! error.

I double checked that Glide has access to my gmail account. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

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I’ve received it a number of times—usually after deleting a sheet or column(s) of data that had components in the app.

So have I, very annoying as the only way I’ve found around it is to duplicate the app. Is this a known bug?

@Sheryl_Joyce By any chance, do you remember whether you created that app in your own account and then transferred it into the org, or whether you created it right in the org?

In either case, could you try making a new dummy app directly in the org with the same spreadsheet that this app uses? You can then delete the dummy app - it’s only to give the org permission to access the spreadsheet. Please let me know whether that fixes that error message.

@Pippa_Stevens Which app do you get the error message for when you try to duplicate it?

So I created the app in my personal account, moved it to the org account and it was working. Then a couple of days later the reload sheet button stopped working (not producing the ohh sheet message, just not reloading my data, e.g. new sheets. A couple of days after that when I tried to reload the sheet again I now just get the error message. After duplicating the app and sheet I can now use the new sheet fine

@Pippa_Stevens What’s the app that stopped reloading for you?

It’s called Pet Pardon - in the PetPardon Org, I’ve kept it so you can see the bug in action as it’s happened a few times for me now :slight_smile:

Oh, you and @Sheryl_Joyce work together?

Kind of, I built the app and wanted to transfer ownership of it to her but wasn’t able to so we set up the org account

Would you mind trying what I asked and make a new app in the org based on the spreadsheet the existing app is using, and then try reloading the existing app?

Hi Mark,

@Pippa_Stevens and I have sorted the Oh sheet error. We duplicated the app and she re-invited me to the spreadsheet and things seem to be working now…but it still shows her as the owner.

Am I missing something? I did go through the community board and found this suggestion: Transfer App to another Account. Is this what we have to do? Sorry I’m not terribly technical and don’t want to create more issues by doing this without checking first.


She’s the owner of what? The spreadsheet or the app? Who owns the app is independent of who owns the spreadsheet.

This is under the Pet Pardon organization account.

She’s the owner of the organization. Is that not what you want?

The issue, is that she isn’t an employee of Pet Pardon. She works at an organization that I’m working with to launch an app…the app isn’t published yet and I’m using the Free version. So when I try to publish it says I have to contact the owner…I’m also getting prompted to buy a ‘Basic’ plan, which costs $8/user…and ideally don’t want to have to pay for three members.

@Pippa_Stevens Could you please email me at mark@glideapps.com from your @ucreate.it email address that you want Sheryl to be the owner of the org?

@Mark I’m the Founder and CEO of Pet Pardon. Here is my LinkedIn profile…https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheryljoy?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_contact_details%3BKWAtNOy4T4WCWItsg1QBdQ%3D%3D