All of Sudden "Oh Sheet! Error


I am hoping someone can assist. All of the sudden I am receiving the “Oh Sheet! Error” message. However, nothing has changed except the data which updates automatically throughout excel. This has only occurred within the past week.



What do you do to get that error? Could you maybe post a video? Also, could you share the app it’s happening with?

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It is a private app for sales rep. It essentially is a results portal. If you provide me an email I will add it to the white list so you can login. I get the error when I refresh the excel sheet within the backend of the app. My app has not updated consequently in a about a week and half as the the app gets the error when the sheet refreshes.

Hello are you using a Multiplication/adition/soustraction formula ?
Because in this case you can’t choose a row with text ONLY number.
Maybe this is why you get an error

I am using many formulas some complex more than others. Again everything was working up until a couple weeks ago with no problems. No sure what changed. Was their an update from glide which could have caused this? Additionally, my spreadsheet is very robust with multiple sheets/tabs and lots of data. If I new exactly what the error was I could correct especially if its specific, but the error is very broad. It is just strange to work then stop working. I should say the app works fine, the problem is the data will not update because when updating/uploading the excel sheet to Glide I get the "Oh Sheet! Error… So my reps are seeing old data…

For the public’s sake: the problem here was that Glide lost access to @Ashley_Sweat’s spreadsheet because she changed her Google password. The simple solution was for her to make a new Glide app with the same spreadsheet, which restores Glide’s access to the spreadsheet. The new app can then be deleted.

We will soon notify app creators when Glide loses access, btw.