No "Add to home screen option" in iOS

I am unable to add to home screen. Please note, the user was using a different glide app earlier - which was added to his home screen, but now, that he is using a different glide app, the add to home screen option is no longer available in the list of options in browser - can anybody suggest whats happening, and what is the resolution?

Is the user opening this in Safari? Looks like it’s not opening in Safari.

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I have noticed that this happens when you’ve scanned a QR code - the Add to Home Screen option is always missing. It’s consistent and repeatable on my phone (iPhoneX).

Actually, it’s worse than that (and I’ve been meaning to report this for a while). I have found that it is impossible to sign into a Glide app on IOS using the scan QR code/login with Gmail combination. What happens is after signing into your Gmail account, you are prompted to switch to the Gmail app for a further validation step.

Once you’ve done that, there is no way to get back to the Safari “window” - it doesn’t appear in the app switcher. So at that point, you are basically stuck - there is no way forward.

My theory is that even though the QR scan triggers Safari, it doesn’t actually open a full browser window, so once you leave that window there is no way back. (This would also explain why the Add to Home Screen option is missing - as there is “nothing” to add).

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This is why we need the ability to publish our apps natively with our developer accounts.

You are right, In the first go, the user was using Chrome (these screenshots are in Chrome). The problem in chrome is unresolved. The user switched to safari post this, and was able to add the shortcut to home screen.