Next Row and Edit

I need have a tab when I have sheet with 1 column I can display next row and can edit.

Hi @Q_Chingue , I’m not sure I understand your question. You seem to be going in the right direction.

In your builder:

  1. Create a new tab, call it “Preguntas” for example.
  2. As a source, select the Glide Table you are showing in your screenshot.
  3. As a style, select List or Card for instance. Design your list as you wish
  4. As an action, select Show Detail Screen.
  5. Design the layout of your detail screen by adding components.
  6. Back to the list view, at the top of your right panel, go to Add Form, and allow users to add items. A + sign will appear in the upper right hand corner of the preview.
  7. Click on the + symbol to allow to add items to your list and design the add screen.
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I have this, is similar of your example. But i need i a tab a buton to next row to edit in one page, no need inside and back

all in one page i need.

In List view, in the Action section, you can set the action to “Show Edit Screen” instead of “Show Detail Screen”. That way you avoid inside-and-back.

In the Style of the list, you could use a Card layout instead of List. With the Card layout, you can show more text, and display your question and answer (or only questions). You could display more characters.


you can send me example, please.


You can copy and adapt the following app:

Q_Chingue Questions-Answers

look my problem

Glide doesn’t allow for an easy way to do what you want. I recommend looking at this post to do what you want.

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Here’s another way to navigate between posts:


Thanks, I try


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@Q_Chingue you might also be inspired by this post where you stay on one screen and don’t get a longer and longer bread crumb.


thanks correctly