Navigating through items in a list

Has anyone figured out how to navigate directly from list item 1 to list item 2 to list item 3 etc. without having to navigate back to the full list each time? I suspect that there may be clever ways to set up the google sheet and create a “next record” button, but I haven’t seen others do it or figured out myself yet.

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Nice, Jeff. I was just needing something like that. I was guessing I’d have to use Google sheets to get it done, and indeed, that’s how you did it. It would be nice if we had a way of interrogating the next and prior record in Glide Tables. Why have a “this” item, if there is no “next” item or “prior” item?

In all honesty, that post is almost 2 years old. It’s very likely that I did that paging demo long before we had computed columns, glide tables, or even the glide data editor. Back in the early days of glide, we had to do absolutely everything in google sheets because there was no way to work with the data within glide. (That included building relations by using a certain naming convention in the header.). Things have come along quite a bit since those early days.

I haven’t maintained that concepts app for a very long time. With all of the features that we’ve gained since then, I would probably approach the problem a lot differently, and I think it would be very achievable strictly within glide. I would no longer attempt to do the same thing in a google sheet.

With that said, yes, I agree that I would prefer if glide provided a native way of navigating between records, but we haven’t gotten that option yet, so building something similar to what I did would be the best option for now…but with using the newer glide capabilities instead of trying to do it in the google sheet.


FYI, the concepts app has a notice at the top that “all data may not show because the database is full”.

I like the idea of a concepts app. I typically call them templates. But I’ve found with Glide it’s hard to take and apply those templates unless you’re duplicating the app and removing parts you don’t need because copying components from one app to another cannot be done.

I cannot think of how to achieve it within Glide unless you took control of the Row ID and did an auto-increment yourself, but then you lose other things (like the guarantee that it is unique).

And I absolutely love working with Glide tables, but there are occasions when I really need a Google sheet to make it easier to share and manipulate (and report) outside of Glide. Perhaps it would be enough if they just gave us access to the Firebase back-end.

Do you still see the database full message now?

With all of the new features we have, to work with arrays and indexing of the arrays, I would probably do something with those tools.

  • Get a joined list array of all row id’s in the table.
  • Then find the element index in the array that matches the row id in the current row.
  • Then subtract 1 and add 1 to that index number and use those numbers to find the associated indexed row id’s from the array.
  • Then use a template to join the previous and next row id’s with a delimiter.
  • Then split the template to get an array that I can use to create a relation to the previous and next rows in the table.
  • Then display the relation as an inline list like I did in the concepts example.

I’d have to sit down and work out the logic to make sure that idea works, but I’m pretty sure that it would be possible using the steps above.

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I don’t know. When I duplicated the app, I copied to a new sheet. I was just letting you know for yourself.

I’ll have a look at that – I have been meaning to explore arrays; I have not done anything with them yet.

Oh, yeah if you duplicated my app, then it duplicates to a free version in your account, and it currently well exceeds the 500 row limit for free apps. I thought you meant that my own published version was giving that warning.

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