🔗 Buttons that navigate a user from one list item to another

A client of mine wanted a way to create links from one item in an inline list to other items in the same inline list. Deeplinking and navigate to tab actions don’t work here. I was able to achieve this by creating relations to those list items (using a template column) and linking them with a button with a view details > relation action.

Not terribly dynamic, but gets the job done!


Awesome! Even it’s not totally dynamic, it’s really helpful! Thank for sharing Bob :sparkles:

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Happy to help!

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Hmm, is this possible to navigate to a specific list item from another tab that has another data source? I have an inline list acting as a menu and I’d like to direct my users to a particular item’s detail screen in that tab.

So far I can sort-of do it by creating a new, identical Details screen. But I’m going to forget that this screen exists in a few months and maintaining it will be a chore.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

You can if you create a single relation from your menu table to your other table. Then you can show a new screen sourced from the relation.

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Thanks! That’s so far been the solution, but that new screen has to be manually made identical to the detail screen - as they are theoretically different, correct? As far as I know there’s no way to point to a specific detail screen :thinking:

Then you can use “Show detail screen” and point it to the relation, instead of “Show new screen”.


:point_up_2: This

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