List relation on a list style screen?

Is it possible to have list relation on a list style screen (as opposed to a “Detail-style” team)?

Can you describe more about your use case?

Here’s what I’m trying to do…

You’ll need to use a Details view for the initial tab layout, then add an inline list with the List style view you’d like to include. Then, add a List relation component under your Inline List component.

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Well, you could kind of do it with a list layout, by creating a relation for the list items, then a rollup to count the number of items in each relation. Then display the count in the list details description and when clicking on a list item, you can display an inline list on the details screen using the relation.

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Thanks @shchc and @Jeff_Hager for your help. Using both of your tips I solved it to my liking by doing the following:

  1. In the underlying sheet that drives my list view, I created a “dummy” row, so that an entry would show up in my List View.

  2. Within that entry I created an INLINE LIST to replicate my Inline List that I wanted to move over.

  3. Then I set the Visibility parameter to only show up when the appropriate entry was displayed.

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