Filter a new screen with previous screen item value


I have a table with destinations.
Destination as rows

I have a table “destination live alerts”
Alert topic as rows, with a column destination.

When i m on a detail screen for a destinatio, i want to click on an inline list used as a menu,to go to destination alert screen, but relevant to previous screen… dest alert related to destination

I know using a inline list as icon menu is non standard. But i need this for UI purposes.

In short my question is :
How to filter a new screen with the previous screen data ?
The only data we get in filter data is from current screen… we should have “previous screen as well” i think.

I want to keep my inline list component as icon menu to open new screens.
My icon menu inline list is another table called " icon menu table"

Any help ?
Thanks in advance.
AND pardon my French :wink: tired as well…



I think you are really close. I see that you are using the ‘Show New Screen → This Item’ action on your menu list. That’s perfect, because that will give you a new detail screen that’s attached to the same Destination row you are already viewing.

So when you are on viewing that new screen, you should have two options:

  • One option is to add an inline list like you showed, but for the filter, look at the ‘Screen’ values in your list of filter columns. It’s the third option below User Profile and above Row ID. That should give you columns from the current row in the parent Destination table.
  • The second option (my preferred option), is to create a multiple relation that links the Destination table to the Live Alerts table. Then when you add an inline list on that new screen, you can source the list from the relation without needing to add a filter. The relation will only give you the related Live Alert rows that match the Destination.

Hello Jeff,

Unfortunately, using the ‘Show New Screen → This Item’ action, passes the item of the inline list source…

destination detail screen (source: destinations table)=> first icon tap on inline list component (source:menu table)=> new screen - this new screen is made with a row of the table “menu” instead of a row of the table “destinations”.

I want a new screen associated with the corresponding row of the table “destinations”.

Else i understand for the second part of your message once we have the right screen with the right row. Btw, shouldn’t we avoid to use relation when we can ? to not slow down the app bit by bit ?