Screen Option in Filters

Hi there, I was just wondering if someone could help me with the following.

In an Inline list, I have to use filters to filter out the results that should be showing up. The only way I got it to work is by using the Screen option as on the image below.

I don’t fully understand what exactly that Screen option is and where it came from. Could someone please help clarify?

The issue is I need to add another Filter to this same view but I have nothing to match it to even in that Screen list.

I would be very thankful for any help.

The screen filters are anything on the current row of the sheet you are currently viewing in the Details layout. What is your additional filter suppose to be filtering?

Hi Jeff, thanks for the quick reply.

The additional filter should be filtering the records that match just to the Batch ID, which I chose on the previous screen. Currently, it is showing the records for all Batches.

Can you explain what you mean by previous screen? You could either add a choice component on the screen that contains the inline list and use the value that’s set by the choice component. Or you could show a list of batches, then when you select a batch to view it’s details you could filter by that batch. Or, if you are using a completely separate screen to set the batch, you could create a relation to the sheet that contains the selected batch and filter if the relation is not empty.

Hi Jeff, thank you for your reply.

So, what I have exactly is:

  • List of Batches (screen 1)
  • When I select a batch, the next screen has an inline list of processes (screen 2)
  • When I select one of the processes, it has an inline list of records for those processes (screen 3)

This screen 3 is showing all records for the selected process for all batches, where I’m actually trying to get it to show only the records related to Batch selected on the first screen.