New Tabs are not showing

Added new tabs and information as well as disconnected and reconnected to show new sheets but no luck.

You have to add new tabs in the Navigation settings.

Hi, why I am having a lot of problems with reloading sheet. It does not update tabs or even columns that I edit or add or deleted even when google drive is showing the changes I’ve made. Always I need to duplicate the app to show the changes. This last time, even duplicating, didn’t show my changes. I needed to delete everything and start over. Not nice. Is it something wrong with the reloading? I am linked correctly. Even my instructor, from AppsWithoutCode, had the same problem. Do I need to follow some special procedures to reload correctly?
thanks. Al

Please look my last email to you. Sorry not asking this before but what is this navigation settings? Is it on the Google Drive or Glide app? thanks. Al

Sorry, it’s called “Tabs” on the left side of your screen when editing your app.

When you add tabs or columns to your sheet, you need to add tabs and components to your app. It is not automatic. Have you watched the green videos on your app dashboard that explain how to use Glide?

I was just following my instructor. Thank you for the advice. I will look the videos. Al

was this issue ever fixed?? i have gone through all the vids and the documentation and it clearly states that “In free apps, Glide refreshes your app data from the spreadsheet whenever the spreadsheet is manually edited” which it hasnt on mine??? i have tried creating a new tab as suggested but none of the new information ive put in is there?? any help would be great cheers paul

Hey Paul,

Data manually edited in EXISTING COLUMNS OF ALREADY EXISTING TAB in the sheet are refreshed and appeared in the app after some minutes.

If you add manually a column in your sheet : when you’re in the app builder, Glide will detect this new column and will propose to add it in your app using a component. You can refuse, a’d you can change the component if not the appropriated one.

When you add a new tab in your sheet, Glide will not add it in your app : HOPEFULLY. Tabs in your gsheet are or may not be used by an app, this is my case, I have lot of tabs used for processing purpose, I don’t expect glide to add them in my app.

But, you can manually add these tabs in your app : app builder > tab section (2nd section of the left sections bar) > “+”

So… It’s not a bug, Glide acts as it has to act.

“In free apps, Glide refreshes your app data from the spreadsheet whenever the spreadsheet is manually edited” => data are values in the cells of existing columns. Not cells from new columns or new tabs.

yeah this column is still not showing up when im trying to access data in the builder?? any ideas

as you can see??

You can’t fill a single value component value with a multiple value array. Plus, is that an array column or a relation column in your first screenshot? Relation columns contain entire rows of data. Not columns. You would need a lookup column attached to that relation, and even then the relation would need to be a single relation for you to use the lookup column in the component.

@Paul_Harrison have you watched any of the videos that explain how to use Glide yet? You can find them in the Learn section of your dashboard. You are asking questions that are covered in our Basics video series. Please check out the videos, and let me know if they still didn’t help you.

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i have mate been watching them all day thats why i was confused otherwise i wouldnt have asked

In your case, Glide is not allowing you to pick New Column for the title of your details page, because it doesn’t know how to turn a multi-relation into a page title.

right get you. all im trying to do is get a selector with adult and child services which then goes to a selector with welbeing services then onto list of services that are filtered by age. any idea what vids would be good for this work flow?? because i havent seen anything

Been through videos again still really struggling on how to get the right set up for my app?? seems to be very little instruction on how to set up your google sheets, i have tried several configurations of my sheets with no success

There’s a billion ways to set up a sheet. Have you give through the long form build from scratch videos?

Can you explain what you mean by “selector”? Just trying to understand what you are trying to do. Check out and see if anything in there helps. A lot of it uses old techniques, but I’ve updated a few examples in there. Multi-Level Select send to be popular.

Your sheet is setup correctly. You need to add an inline list to the screen in your screenshot and choose the relation as its source.