New project won't link to google sheet

I’m trying to create a new project where the data comes from a google sheet. I’ve clicked ‘new project’ then ‘google sheets’

The pop-up window " Choose an account to continue to Glide" appears, I select the correct account (already logged in) and then click “Allow”. There is a moment of processing and then the pop-up window closes and I’m back projects page and there is no new project. Nothing has happened.

Have you tried doing it from another browser?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I tried again with Chrome after clearing all history, cache, etc. Same outcome everytime.

Please submit a ticket so the team can look more into this. Thank you!

I managed to solve my own issue. I was logged in as a team member (with a gmail account) and it didn’t work. When I logged in as the team admin, I was able to link a project to a google sheet (the google/glide interface worked). Not clear if only admins can do this and/or under what conditions.

Also, if others are here. ThinhDinh’s helpful point about support ticket only works for the higher-end plans (I was on a starter level and there doesn’t appear to be support tickets for that).

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Thank you for sharing the info, I appreciate it. I would have expected all members to be able to do it, not sure if it’s a bug.