Created new Glideapp account (using my corporate Google Account) and now am now unable to create new project


I earlier created a new glide account with a Google Account (corporate).

After I log in and try to create a new project (using Google Sheets), I can see the list of sheets in the “Select a file” window. However, when I select any of these sheets, no new project/app is created. No error message is seen too, nothing happens. (Btw my selected file has headers. Secondly, if I select a Glide Table instead of Google Sheets, a new project can be created. hmm).

I have created several Glide apps previously on my personal google account and I never encountered such a problem before. Am puzzled why it is not working with my work Google (corporate) account.

Appreciate if anyone could advise on what is the root cause and how I could work around this please. I



Does it happen only for this “corporate” account? Are there any data security measures that your corporate has applied to prevent Glide from reading the data?

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Hi, yes it only happens for this corporate google account. I can still create apps on my personal acct.

Glide is able to access and how the list of sheets within this account’s google drive. It is just 1 stop short of extracting that sheet’s data to the app.

Am unsure if it is something commonly restricted by corporates using g suites?

I would say it is something related to G Suite but I’m not sure. Hope others can chime in.