Not able to create a new app with google sheets

HI - Brand new to glide here :smiley:
I did look through previous answers but could not find a solution.

I am trying to create a new app using google sheets. I managed once, then deleted that app. Now, whenever I hit the “New App” button and select Google Sheets, it takes me to the page to give glide access to my Google account - I say “allow”, and give permission on my phone (it doesn’t always ask), and then nothing happens. No error, no notification - it simply takes me back to the account dashboard. I am signed in with the same Google account as the sheet I a trying to use (but I don’t even get to the sheet selection page)

I did previously try to create an app with Excel which still seems to work but was told that using Google Sheets is better (not sure why).

Things I have tried:

  • signing out & back in
  • clearing my cache
  • incognito browser
  • closing extensions
    but still nothing.
    I am on the free plan atm and have one template I bought as a public app - that one opens fine for me…
    I am at a loss and would love some help, please!

Many thanks

What “permission” are you talking about here? Were you trying to create a new app on your desktop or your phone?

It’s part of the 2 step verification to give access to my Google sheets? Where I get a notification that a new app has access and then I click “yes that was me” to verify…

Can you record the behaviour in a Loom video?

So I tried to record a video - basically, I get so far and then nothing happens…here is the video [] ( and I have attached a video of the phone notification

Not sure what I am doing wrong…

Does your Sheet contain data in it?

Yes, headings and data. Could it have to do with the fact that I had created an app with excel? Would that somehow link excel only to my account?

No, that wouldn’t be related.

I’m running out of things to try. Is that email the same as the email you used to sign in?

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I realise this isn’t the solution you are looking for, but do you actually need to use a Google Spreadsheet?
You could build your App using just native Glide Tables. There are very few reasons to use a Google Spreadsheet for Glide Apps these days (this is coming from someone who used to build every App on a Google Spreadsheet).


Yes, it is… Thank you so much for your efforts, it’s very much appreciated!

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Thank you - I think it was mainly because all the tutorials are. I can use excel I think the same as Google sheets?

I had this same problem about 2 week ago.
I tried everything and nothing worked.

I clicked on the sign-up button (instead of sign-in button) and that reconnected my google sheet.

I hope this helps.



OMG, yes, this worked like a charm! Thank you!
Literally, signed out of my account, instead of signing in, I used the “sign-up” then “sign-up with google” - same account as before but now it accepts my google sheet!

I really appreciate everyone’s help - thank you!

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