Cannot create new app from google sheet

Anybody else experience that it is not possible to create a new app from a google sheet?

Clicking on sign in doesn’t help.


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First, you need to have your own Google account.
Then use that Google account to sign up for Glide.
Then you will be able to enter the Dreamland.
Let’s try again!

@hisashi.fujita I do have a google account and have used it for glideapps the last year :slight_smile:
But right now it doesn’t allow me to create a new app. Have you tried today?

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Hi Kristian, long time no speak.

My Glide instance is working fine. As you know, I’m in Berlin, so we’re not too far and possibly on the same servers.

Have you tried

  • signing in and out of your Google account
  • signing into Glide in an icognito window/tab (maybe there’s a cookie issue)


I have the exact same issue and can’t manage to solve it.
I deleted all cache and cookies, made sure Glide had the right access to my G Drive but nothing changed.
I also signed in and out of my gmail and in and out of my glideapps several times now and still face the same error.

I tested on a “Guest” window in chrome and it ended up working there.

Any idea how I can fix this in my regular chrome instance?


Maybe @Krivo knows what solved his issue the other day?

Well. I didn’t find a solution I’m afraid :worried:
Just duplicated an app and went on.