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@Jason Are you aware of the firebase AccessToken issue and inability to reload anything?

I experienced a troubling issue with the new interface yesterday where deleting a row in the data editor tab also deleted the inline-list component that had been selected in the builder tab.

In the builder tab I was in select mode, clicked on an Inline List, clicked Edit Action to tweak an Add Row action, then clicked Save to leave the Actions page. I then switched to Play mode and clicked on a list item to trigger the action. To check the row that was added, I then switched to the Data tab and scrolled to the bottom. I found the row, checked the box next to it and pressed the Delete key on my keyboard. The row disappeared. I then switched back to the Builder tab and my Inline List was gone.

This inline list had a complex custom action that I then had to recreate again from scratch. I’m now more cautious when deleting rows and created a blank tab to switch to first. This is especially problematic when working with Glide Tables, otherwise I would simply delete in Google Sheets and resync.

Not quite sure if this is a bug with the new builder or not, but I’ve only noticed it since the update. I’ve noticed that if location services are not enabled by a user, a spinning wheel appears on tabs that use a Distance function.

In my app, for instance, a check in button is visible if the user is within a mile of the location, so on these pages the spinning wheel appears if location is not enabled. No wheel on pages without the check in button.

EDIT : resolved

Small display bug for Custom Domain.
I think the black background is missing


I am experiencing the same issue. Background overlay is missing and currently transparent. Experienced on Chrome and Safari browser

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EDIT 2 : resolved :smiley: Bah
no :frowning:

This morning (UTC + 1) the problem is active again :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

So I don’t know if it’s an automatic backup or something else ??

I know I have fading vision, but hey anyway.

This is for all drop down.

Windows 10, Google Chrome, Dark Mode

Select 2

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Hi Ian - Are you still experiencing this issue? I’m having similar problems with User Location being almost nonfunctional.

It looks like this issue might be fixed - I’m no longer seeing the spinning wheel

I’m glad to hear.

I’m still experiencing some issues with engaging the user location function.

  1. The prompt for the user to accept location tracking doesn’t appear;
  2. The user location is found on first clicking if the location button. However, on second click, the location is not zoomed into a closer geo-location. Instead, the geo-location zooms right out to an undefined location.
  3. Upon a third click of the location button, the location disappears altogether and does not return…
    Super strange and frustrating…

I have experienced the same on the map view in my app actually. Using safari on iOS.

Same here…

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I finally found the display bug in the editor.
A right click modifies the display of the drop-down menus.


A while back I suggested that the data source selection be added to the name of the component. I am very glad to see this suggestion has been implemented.

I was so glad that I decided to see it work in action. Here is the listing of components for a page in my app:

With the last two items, the first one seems to work:

But, the second one doesn’t seem to have worked:

This happens when you double click to edit the component name but don’t change it. It’s very annoying

Data Bug ( @Mark )

Some information, like for Relation, Lookup does not display correctly on first use.