New Glide Builder Bugs | Tracking Thread

@Jason FYI,
visiblity on ADD is not showing anything

BTW, it looks that the issue on tab visibility conditions is now solved on my side.

@jason - I was screen sharing the new builder with my team via Google Meet today, and when I was in the layout view the player kept flickering, and eventually it flipped upside down :scream:

It seemed to be a reaction to cursor movement across the screen - every time I moved my cursor across the layout it would either flicker or flip. It got that bad that eventually I switched back to the old builder, and then it stopped.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a video, but we have another call tomorrow, so if I can replicate it I’ll try and get a video.



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Haven’t been able to replicate that “player flipping” issue. Was probably specific to my browser. If/when it happens again I’ll try and capture it.

One quirk I have noticed with the new builder is that if you manually delete a table row, you are immediately thrown back to the layout view. See video :arrow_down:

@Jason hover inverted in dark mode



Still keeps it

I dont wan’t to believe you :frowning:


I need to know what browser you are using.

Chrome Canary

Button bar > select action

Does it happen for you on chrome stable?

yep, same

I need more details about your system I cannot reproduce the error

What do you need exactly?

Windows 10, 64bits

My app will not allow my to log-in now.
Is any else having this problem?

My sheet won’t reload :man_shrugging:


No users can login to my app right now either

No ones will currently. Try logging out and you will get a error message to log back in. The firebase server used by Glide are having issues.