New Free Plan does not count users as described on the pricing page

After the anouncement of the news plans structure, I started a new team with a Free Plan and configured an app as Private access.

I entered 3 emails in the user table. 1 personal user (gmail) and 2 business users (using a business domain .com)

The new pricing structure indicates that only 10 personal users are allowed on the Free plan.

However, I published the app and it is working normally with the 3 users. (2 of them use business domains)


Would this be a bug (and the app will stop working at any time?) or am I missing something?

Users with business domains should not be allowed to sign into free apps. Either this is a bug (we’re fixing some issues with the free plan right now) or Glide considers the domain to be personal? What is the domain?

Are those Business Domains also added as Editors on your team?

I see.
I assumed it could actually be a bug.

I will ask my users to create new emails on google or some other personal domain, considering that after the bug is fixed they will no longer be able to log in.

The domain I’m using is a domain I created for a small directory in my city.

No. They are just users login in the app.

I’ve checked and our system considered this to not be personal, so it could be a temporary issue.