Need help! My live app is down


My pro app accessible from fails opening a lot. I keep getting 503 error and server took too long to respond error messages.

Please help me out. I have live customers facing difficulties accessing the app.

It can easily accessed from Denmark if you use https//:xxx. The link you show is just http

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Can confirm. Accessible here in Vietnam using https.

I can access here also. The problem still keeps there?

Great! Im not very well versed with this but, why does my url automatically go to http instead of https when I search for ?

Also, I cant access with as well, says connection closed unexpectedly.

Is there something I can do about it? Thanks in advance.

I have not downloaded the app…which country are you in? who did you purchase your domain from?

HTTPS URLs begin with “https://” and use port 443 by default, whereas, HTTP URLs begin with “http://” and use port 80 by default.

Sometimes sites running HTTPS show canonical URLs with the HTTP protocol, and vice versa. This is a huge issue with wordpress sites. There is a fix…you need to access your .htaccess file to action the redirect to the correct url. I see your .com, but I need more information to fix the problem.

Whose server is your domain on?>

Hi @Wiz.Wazeer! I live in Australia. And my domain is on

hmmm…strange…your the second case Ive seen from Australia. Okay because your with…all you need to do is have a word with them and they will fix it for you. If not get in touch with me.

Also run this URL test. URL Inspection tool to test whether Googlebot can access your pages. If you moved from a http to https…google registers that as only migration…godaddy will need to fix either way.

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Just talked with godaddy and they say rhey have problem accessing the site on global networks and points out the issue is with the SSL certification . They suggesr talking to my hosting provider about it

I thought you said godaddy was your hosting provider? So you bought the domain from godaddy but your hosting it with someone else? who are they?

SSL is what makes HTTP a HTTPS. Without SSL no such thing as HTTPS.

@Wiz.Wazeer, thanks for your quick replies. Like I mentioned I am new to all this. Yes, I bought my domain name from godaddy and connected it to my glide app by modifying the DNS records. I am not sure who my hosting provider is. Am i missing something here ?

That’s fine…I am new to many things also…Okay…if godaddy is saying you need to speak to SSL provider then you actually purchased HTTP…Let me download your app and look into this.! we will fix it!

Thanks @Wiz.Wazeer! Does this mean glide is my hosting provider? Or should I get a separate provider?

Oops…cant access it,getting the same error as you probably are…: Glide is not your provider…they are on someone elses server. So you purchased domain and then connected the domain to Glide’s server? You need to revisit the DNS…did you read the documentation on connecting your domain to Glide before fiddling with the DNS?

Did you read this guide?

Yes. I did go through it and only from these steps, I modified my DNS records. Now that I see I am stuck, what do you recommend I do to get out of this issue?

Okay…PM me…ill fix it for you…don’t worry I worn’t charge you.

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Thank you!

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