Glide app still down after last night's outage

Hi there,
My glide app ( is still down even though Glide is supposed to be back up again. I can open it in the builder. But I cannot access the app directly through installed apps or browsers. It is failing with a Cloudflare ‘Host error’. (My custom domain is proxied through cloudflare.) Specifically, I get the following error message: “Error 525 ## SSL handshake failed.”

I’ve tried with multiple browsers (Edge + Chrome) and multiple devices (Windows 10 laptop, Android phone) and it fails with the same message.

P.S. I posted this in the ‘Glide is down’ thread but I have seen any response for 3 hours now.

We’re looking into it now.

Next time your app is down, please email rather than posting here.

Got it. Thanks.