My switch is greyed out

My switch is greyed out…!
Can’t figure out why… it was working well before.

This happens when your detail page has no row data (e.g. all the rows are filtered out).

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand “filtered out”. MY details page has a lot a raw data. The same switch was working about an hour ago, I must have done something wrong but I can’t get it to work even if I change de destination column.

If your detail style view is not attached to a row, then there is no column value to change since the screen is not currently viewing a specific row. This happens when you have no rows of data in your sheet, but can also happen if you have a filter set on the tab or if you have row owners enabled and the email you are using doesn’t have a row in the sheet. Be sure to check if you have row owners enabled or if you have a filter set on your tab.

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This switch is supposed to display the other elements from the same tab.

Okay indeed, I see now that my details view is not attached to a row (I tried a simple text, nothing shows up), thanks.
But is it the usual behaviour?
I’m still looking at all my filters to try catching the mistake.

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Got it, some filters had made to the details view without my consent. I kicked them out. Thanks.