Details screen missing?

In a mobile app I have the ability to create a details screen, but in ‘the other’ type of app, the option is missing? Am I missing something? How to I create a screen which shows the data for a single record, without having to click through from a list first?

You mean Glide Pages?

In Glide Pages, every tab starts with a Details Screen, which will be attached to the first row in the table unless:

  • the table has Row Owner columns, or
  • filtering is applied.
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Hey sorry for the delay. I’m not sure if it’s pages or not? See images, these are the options I have available. Essentially, the table has multiple rows, but I want to show one row (the row that is applicable to the user)

I think it is a ‘pages’ app.

Yes, it’s pages.

But they are all Collection types. You probably want to use different components, depending on which data you want displayed.

To make sure it’s filtered by the signed in users row, you need to apply a filter at the tab level - user email is signed in user.

Sure. But if I choose a filter (which I can), then this filters the collection, and will show just one row in the collection. The user then has to tap/click, to view the item.

I’d like the default view for the collection, to be a details view. (In glide apps there is a ‘details view’ component, which achieves this, but it’s not available here. Do you know if/how I can achieve the same?

Don’t apply the filter to the collection, apply the filter to the tab.

In fact, it sounds like you don’t even want a collection component on the screen at all.

Try this:

  • delete any existing components
  • then apply the filter
  • then start adding components: a title, images, whatever
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gotcha that works!

All Page screens are Detail screens.

Imagine if the Apps version ONLY had the detail style layout. That’s all you have in Pages. You need to look at the filtering for the Screen. I think you are trying to filter specifically the collection component.

Got it thank you. I see the advantage here now (over apps), more flexibility for pages

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Having the same issue, do not see the ‘details’ option on the ‘style’. You mentioned sorting it out via filtering could explain steps. I see the ‘details’ option in online tutorials but not on the Glide app. Thanks

Can you explain what it is that you are trying to do?
A screen shot would be helpful.

Just to be clear @Darren_Murphy - you will be attached to the first row that you are the Row Owner of versus the first ‘physical’ row in the table in because you may not be the owner of this row.

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