Change to One Page Appears in Entire App

I’ve been using Glideapps for years and really love it, but there’s one thing I still don’t understand. When I think I’m making a change to one page in the app (ex: adding a separator) the change then appears in every page of the app. Or perhaps I see an audio component when I think I’m looking at a specific page and think, “What’s that doing here? I’ll just delete it”, well, the audio component gets deleted from some other page (I’ve got a lot of audio and video components). Why does this happen and how do I know that I can confidently make a change to one page that will not affect any others?

Appreciate the help,


This happens with Details screens. A details screen is attached to a table, and will be the same anywhere that you use it with a “Show Details Screen” action.

If you want a different details view of the same table, there are two options:

  • Use visibility conditions to hide or show specific components based on context. So when viewing a screen in one part of your app, component X could be visible, but hidden in another part of your app. This is good for simple use cases, but can get quite cumbersome and difficult to manage if you have several different views and lots of components.
  • The second option is to use a “Show New Screen” action instead of a “Show Details Screen”. This essentially gives you a new blank canvas that is tied to the action that triggers it.