Detail screen limited

Good Morning.
I’m new to Glide and would like, if possible, someone to help me. Thanks in advance.
Let me explain: I have a table related to several tables, but I can only create a details screen from a single source. When I try to add a new detail screen with another related table, the primary detail screen changes. Is glideapps in this case limited? Do you have any options to resolve this?

you can display data from any table… just change the source of the inline lists

Details Screens are tied to their underlying tables. This is usually what you want. It means that you can show the same details screen for any item anywhere in your App and get the same thing every time.

If you want a secondary details screen, you can use the Show New Screen action. This will give you a new (default) details screen that can be customised, and will be tied to the action that calls it.

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