Confusing, navigation through many screens

I built the core functionality of my inspection module, However, when i am trying to present the data i found confusion in the way Glide drive the different screens, at least for me for the time being.
it is taking me from detail screen to different detail screen then more detail screens.

i have the following tables:
inspection request “Parent”
inspection Rev “Child”

I really need help on that matter. i spent an hour now trying to explain, wiring and deleting what i wrote, then writing and deleting, then failed.

i really don’t know how to describe that.

i designed the main screen to pull data from the inspection table, then designed the detail screen to have a collection of child table. till that point, it works fine.

Then at User table, i created a series of relation columns (match all) to pull the related inspection from inspection table, Revision table and Reply table respectively. I presented Those dats in collections, the magic happened when i start clicking on the items of that collection, it leads to entirely different screen detail even the forms associated with the buttons located in that detail screen are opening different forms.

i think i need help at this point. the project almost functioning really well, but the UI.

Thank you if you are able to help me on that, much appreciated and considered.

To clarify, you are using “show details screen“ and not “show new screen” correct?

correct i am using “show details screen“

Ok. Detail screens will always be the same when they are at least one level deep (a detail screen created at the tab/show new screen level is unique). As long as you are accessing a detail screen via an in-line list, relation, button, etc. it should be the same regardless of where your accessing it from

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you hit the the target exactly, if the inspection reply is resubmit, then a new revision will be created, then if the rev, reply was resubmit, then the forms start to change and make confusion. you really hit the target

In order to avoid these confusions, and to escape from going more than one level deep in the Detail Screens were the detail screen and its related forms will require to be built again.

I decided to build my entire user interface based on one source table the “Parent” table.

However, to be able to do so, i will need to build this flow chart