Two detail screens for a single table

Hi there,

Can I make two different detail screens for a single table?
With the same data in the table, I want to make a screen than you can insert a price and then it populates the result and in the other side I want to make another screen thant you can insert a benefit rate and then it gives you a price.

Glide shows me a message:



You can create two different screens/tabs with a details layout from a single table. The Tabs section is where you create screens/tabs, and the Screen section is where you add components in the details layout or a list in other layouts.

For example:


first, thanks for the answer.
I don’t want a new tab.
I want that you can call a diferent detail screen from the same table.
I have 2 tabs that list the same table and i want to navigate from these tabs to diferents details views of the same table.


Do you understand me?

Thanks a lot…


Instead of Show Detail Screen, use Show New Screen.


It works, thanks!! I have to select “This Item” instead of table when I select Show New Screen. This was my mistake.

Thanks a lot.


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