Sheet Data & Glide No Longer Connected

I cannot figure out how or why this particular screen has disappeared completely. All of the other screens are fine. I have even tried to delete it and add it back… but for some reason it no longer recognizes the data. Are there ant troubleshooting tips you can share with me? This is so odd.

Hi @Blue_Community :raising_hand_man: welcome to the community

Just a thought…are you sure you don’t have a filter applied?

Thank you for your reply. No filters… no sorting anything… just completely vanished…

How about the filter on the tab itself?

no sir… no filters at all…

All the components mapped correctly to the data in your sheet? Just trying to cover all the simple stuff. Apologies if I am over simplifying it for you and you have already checked all this.


Does the row you are showing have any data at all in the Glide Editor?

Yes… and it is the only one that has disappeared in the Glide editor… it is inside the glide table and the sheet but not inside GLide… or the app

Are you using Row Owners?

I am… I have put users into teams and made the Teams the row owners so that they can edit their geographical area. However I use the same row owners scheme on every tab and this is the only one that disappeared

OK, so you are using the roles feature? Does anything happen if you change the Preview As user? Does it work any differently when viewing the app through the published url?

I am using roles. No matter which user i switch to…only that screen is missing.

Does the role in that particular row have any trailing space or typos etc?

hmm… let me check through that…

everything seems in tact… no extra spaces…

i cross checked it from a previous clone i had and everything seems to be exactly the same… and it is supposed to look like this but alas… it wont sync anymore inside the master

is it possible that I can video chat with someone for about 10 minutes to see if there is something I am overlooking?

I figured it out. when i was learning about Row IDs i mistakenly made a column for it inside my google sheet instead of the glide editor and so it confused glide…somehow everything is returned… thanks for your help guys… i learned a lot just through your suggestions…